Basic conditions

Market conditions for investments in renewable energies.

In the past few years, society and politics have recognized that a more conscientious and more sustainable usage of energy (due to the rapidly growing demand of emerging nations, but also due to the constantly increasing hunger for energy of the industrialized nation) is only possible with an enhanced usage of renewable energies. The following factors have led to this mind-altering development:

  • The awareness of environmental and climate pollution caused by the usage of fossil fuels
  • The awareness of the depletability of conventional sources of energy and the dramatically
    increasing of the oil prices
  • The mind-altering society regarding clean energies which has been enhanced by the nuclear disaster in Japan in spring 2011

Therefore, many nations have targeted a new energy and climate change policy, in order to create a secure future as well as to avoid further environmental destruction and a threatening energy shortage. In Germany even the nuclear phase-out by 2022 was decided, and thus long-term sustainable and cost-efficient alternatives of energy supply have to be used.

In order to implement these political goals also in private households, especially European governments have created a number of legal stimulus packages with considerable financial advantages.