RCP Betriebsführungs GmbH

RCP Betriebsführungs GmbH, Schorfheide/Finowfurt, is an experienced and high-performance service provider for the technical and commercial management of power plants for renewable energy.

Currently we manage more than 270 MW of solar parks at 8 sites for long-term and mostly institutional investors.

Different from most competitors, RCP Betriebsführung has specialised in the requirements of large PV power plants with central inverters that are typically connected with the power grid via their own transformer stations. Focusing on large power plants allows us to actively analyse all power plants several times a day, which results in a notably short response time in case of disturbances.

The integrated team of technical office workers and in-house service technicians can solve problems exceptionally quickly. Supporting the central inverters of the company SMA is a core competence of our service technicians. Moreover, a combination of mostly short distances and stocking spare parts allows us quick service. Thus, the average availability of the maintained portfolio is 99,9 %.

To assure the high quality of the provided performance in the long term, RCP Betriebsführung only provides its service to large power plants that are in line with the existing portfolio.

Power plants managed by RCP Betriebsführung.