Peter Brumm

Foto Peter BrummPeter Brumm is one of the two managers of the Renewable Energy Capital Partners team. There, Peter Brumm is especially responsible for the acquisition, evaluation and purchase of projects and their financing. In addition, he has the overall control when it comes to the acquisition of suitable modules and other components. He is furthermore responsible for the initiation of co-operations. Mr. Brumm has gained a comprehensive project experience in the field of photovoltaics and was involved in the development of several solar projects.

In addition to his German business administration degree (University Bayreuth), he also holds a Master of Accounting and Finance (LSE).


Manfred Kittelmann

Foto Manfred KittelmannManfred Kittelmann is one of the two managers of the Renewable Energy Capital Partners team. In this position, he is responsible in particular for supervising purchase processes, the fiscal and legal structuring when purchasing projects and the operative supervising of the team. In addition to that, he is the central contact person for the investors’ support.

Before his recent job, Manfred Kittelmann worked as an independent consultant and worked on international projects for developers, system integrators and investors in the photovoltaic industry. He was in charge of the field of renewable energies and the management of the single projects at the Deutsche Structured Finance GmbH in Frankfurt until the end of 2008. There he has established the industrial sector of renewable energies since middle of 1998 and has structured a number of investments in the field of renewable energies. Furthermore, he was responsible for the management of wind and solar projects. Before that, Mr. Kittelmann has worked for WestLB in different posts for eight years.

Manfred Kittelmann has his degree in Economics (University Bonn).